Wednesday 27 April 2011

Sutton Courtenay Environmental Education Centre, Oxfordshire

If you have school age children in Oxfordshire, or were yourself, you are likely to know about this place from school trips. But during school holidays they also have various family activities which you can just drop-in on for a small donation.
We went along to the Easter Egg hunt and had a great few hours exploring, and trying to find the "eggs". The "eggs" were egg shaped cards with pictures of animals on that you had to match with the pictures given when you arrived. Once all were found you got to decorate a biscuit with mini-egg included. There were also craft tables set up, where we got to make a birds nest.
Charlotte loved exploring the grounds, diving in and out the trees, looking for frogs in the pond, finding hidden birds and eggs (toy ones) amongst the tress. There is a dinosaur, a great sound garden and willow sculptures which are always popular. Along with finding almost all the "eggs" we also found some real birds eggs and a jaw bone of a rodent. We took the bone back to the staff/volunteers who were great but just could not work out what animal our bone belonged to.
Sutton Courtenay Environmental Education Centre is run by BBOWT, and you can find details of all their upcoming events here

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