Monday 25 June 2012

Disneyland Paris

We have a mini princess in the making in our house, I'm sure a lot of 4 year old girls are in love with Disney Princesses and so we got this bright idea of taking Charlotte to Disneyland Paris for a last holiday before she starts school... ahh is she really that big now.
What a real princess of a holiday it turned out to be. We went to London the night before and spent the night in Kings Cross Premier Inn, and for a budget London hotel this was great and so close to the train station, they served up an excellent breakfast that kept us going all day.
We splashed out on standard premier tickets for the direct Eurostar train to Disneyland. Its not first class but the extra leg room and a nice light breakfast was great, the bag given to the kids at St Pancras station starved off any train boredom and got us all excited about Disney (not that we weren't already brimming over with excitement) and before you know it we were delivered to the doors of the park.
A short walk from the station to our hotel the Newport Bay, we were greeted with huge queues but we had pushed the boat out again and upgraded to admirals floor so skipped the big queues and checked straight in and up too our room. No time to look at the wonderful view over the lake we were keen to get into the Disney magic. And magic it was, everything Disney does is amazing.

A few things we did to make our holiday extra special was booking a character dinner at Inventions (the restaurant within the Disneyland hotel), really excellent food. It was buffet service and we went back a good few times to fill our plate up. We booked for 6pm which turned out to be a quiet time to go and meet Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Suzy, Perla and Gepetto. Charlotte danced with Mickey, he also conducted whilst she sang its a small world, Pluto drew a picture of a bone when we asked what is favourite food was. Such a memorable evening we didn't want it to end.

We also booked a princess make-over, again at the Disneyland hotel. Various packages to chose from but we went for the 60 euro package of make-up, hair, tiara, photo shoot and single photo. We took along our snow white dress and added a Belle tiara. she looked so pretty and was a lovely surprise.

To top it off we then went for lunch with the Disney Princesses at Cinderella's restaurant. This is not a cheap dinner but its such an amazing moment to have lunch with a prince and 3 princesses. Being Cinderella's restaurant you are guaranteed to meet Cinderella but we also met Prince Charming, Belle and Aurora. They were all so friendly and lovely and chatty. Cinderella and Prince Charming danced in front of us and then they all came to greet us and they also danced with Charlotte.

Around the park we met Buzz light year, who is so tall all the little ones were a bit scared of him, Tigger who is so bouncy, Eyeore, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Duffy Bear, Rapunzel and Tiana.
We seemed to badly time the shows in the studio park but did make Lighting McQueen stunt show which was fantastic and made us all jump and hold our breathe.

The 20th celebration fireworks at park closing time were amazing, we were all wowed by the Jubilee celebrations with the projections onto Buckingham Palace, well this was Disney's version onto the castle 25mins felt like a few seconds there are no words to say how stunning and amazing it was. We saw it twice from different directions but could happily watch it again and again.

I think Charlotte's favourite ride was its a small world which we did 7 times, I'm still singing the song now. She even enjoyed the scary rides like the haunted house and Pirates of the Caribbean. There were long queues for some of the popular rides so we didn't manage everything but we had a fantastic 4 nights. We were very sorry to be leaving the Disney magic to come back home but we were so tired we couldn't wait for a nice lie in. We are now saving for Florida... this may take us some time!

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