Tuesday 23 April 2013

OxTrails big launch in May

If you live in Oxfordshire and not heard of OxTrails yet why not as it sounds like such a great idea.

Imagine the scene where you wake up one morning, the sun is shining (I know this is England but its improving) and you think what can we do today. You don't want that same walk to the same pub you want something local but different. You go consult google and come up with x pages telling you what to do that day and feel like hiding under the duvet again. Then you click on your OxTrails app. Great there is a lovely walk 20mins drive away (or even bus or bike ride) you've not done before, there is a museum there and looks like a couple of tea rooms and local shops. We could make an afternoon of it or maybe a day.

Days Lock from Wittenham Clumps
Aside from the sun shine all the above is now possible thanks to OxTrails. The app is launching in May but you can already go check out their google map, pintrest, twitter or website for fab ideas that are on your doorstep.
Feeding sheep at Farmer Gows
You can even check out a theme for a real adventure, there is something to suit everyone with OxFood, OxLiterature, OxFilm, OxHistory and OxOutdoors.

My mother-in-law loves quaint little tea shops so she will of course love to check out OxFood. Those lovely little delli's that you have heard of but never quite found or unique shops like Added Ingredients in Abingdon. How about a nice pub lunch, maybe by the river.

Hubby loves his books so will be checking out OxLiterature for famous Oxfordshire author places like playing pooh sticks at Days Lock or Wind in the Willows at the River and Rowing Museum. Or bury yourself in some of the fantastic independent bookshops we have in the county.

Brother-in-law loves films and tv so I'm sure he will be going to check out OxFilm to follow in the footsteps of the famous Harry Potter or Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at Ibstone. We all know of Morse, Lewis and Downton Abbey, now you can go follow in their footsteps.

Mum loves a bit of history and Oxfordshire is awash with historical places like Blenheim Palace, Wallingford Castle and Wayland Smithy and the White Horse. Along with museums such as Vale and Downland at Wantage or the wonderful Pendon Museum.

As a family we love a good walk so OxOutdoors is our favourite, we are often visiting Harcourt Arboretum and Wittenham Clumps. We've also been to Farmer Gows and a number of the BBOWT reserves. But up next is Jarn Mound or maybe a cruise or punt on the Thames.

Its amazing how many places I didn't realise were right on our doorstep.

Go take a look at the website http://www.oxtrails.co.uk/ sign up to the twitter feed for the theme that interests you the most (or all of them), go check them out on pinterest or youtube take a look at the google map and look out for the going ons near you in May for the launch.

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