Tuesday 1 June 2010

Thrupp/Radley Lakes, Abingdon, Oxfordshire

Approx time: 2 hours
Paths: cycle path
Points of interest: lake
Amenities: toilets at the car park during peak season
Grading: any type of pushchair
Weather: dry

This is not a circular walk, so how ever far you get you have to come back on yourself. It could be made circular by walking further onto Radley and getting the bus (Oxford Bus Company City 35) back into Abingdon.
Start at Abingdon Abbey Meadows car park and follow the sustrains national cycle route 5 towards Radley.
The cycle path will take you through the abbey meadows following the river, then through Barton Meadows and eventually a left turn onto Thrupp/Radley Lakes. Thrupp/Radley Lakes is now owned by the Noorthmoor Trust, and over the coming years I believe they are going to create a circular walk around the lake and also build a visitor centre.