Thursday 26 June 2014

Where we go for an hour to escape

Our life these past few weeks has been filled with children's birthday parties one after the other. So a good long walk or day out has been put aside.
A few of the parents laughed when we told them at one party that our wellingtons and coats were in the car ready for us to have walk after. Two hours of sugar and hyper kids it's great to have some fresh air and walk it off.

running ahead
 So where do we go to escape, nearly always our local BBOWT reserves. We have 2 very close and depending on how much it has rained we argue over which we enjoy the most. One walk has been named the fossil walk the other the board walk, or in real terms Dry Sandford Pit and Lashford Lane Fen.

space to explore and find new things
 We love the freedom to explore, we know the locations well and yet we will find something new and exciting every time. We sometimes find a field vole at one site and this last visit we found a new born tiny baby. It was amazing to see, took us all by surprise. But we crept away quietly as didn't want to scare the mum away. Who doesn't love to get covered in mud, paddle in the streams and then realise your wellies leak. This is the steam we saw a fresh water crayfish in last summer.

who doesn't love an unusual bug
 Hopping from stone to stone through the reed beds until you can't see mummy sitting on the bench waiting.

this bug loves a pink coat
Charlotte knows the routes well so runs along in front zooming round the next bend shouting come on, hurry up to us. So much for that relaxing walk! All the grumbles we had at home are forgotten about and we are having fun.

the best way to learn, outside looking at what nature has created
Without realising it we are also ticking off so many of our 50 things. Dam a stream (well we didn't do very well but had a go), skim a stone, run around in the rain (so many times), make a daisy chain, hunt for fossils and bones, climb a tree, hunt for bugs, track wild animals, discover what's in a pond... and a few more I have missed out.

now Charlotte goes to find the fossils
 Come rain, shine or birthday parties, we still find time to get out and have fun exploring even if it's only for an hour.

Did someone say rain, doesn't stop this little person
I'm joining in with Baby Routes Wildlife Wednesday linky.