Wednesday 27 July 2011

BBOWT family days out

At Easter time we went to a BBOWT family day at Sutton Courtenay Environmental Education Center and loved it, was a really great day. With the summer holidays BBOWT have quite a few things in their diary for family days out at different locations in Berks, Bucks and Oxon, take a look at their website

Tuesday 26 July 2011

Farmer Gow's, Longcot, Oxfordshire

We had a really lovely time at Farmer Gow's and had to almost drag Charlotte home as she didn't want to leave. We arrived just as the tractor ride was about to leave so a quick run across the sheds and field and before we got a chance to get our bearings we were off to feed the pigs. The tractor ride would be a little short (we cir cum navigated a field) if it wasn't for the pig stop and chat. As we pulled back to the sheds it was just time for the feeding session.
This was really well organised with really friendly staff on hand. Bit of an odd reversal of children sitting down well behaved and sheep/goats being let out to the masses for a feed. Lots of squealing by Charlotte as sheep and goats come up for their feed. The children were then taken out to collect the eggs from the hen house.
Soon it was lunch time, we had taken a picnic as it was a lovely day and there was plenty of indoor or outdoor seating for picnics. There is a cafe on site for those who need a coffee or don't fancy the picnic idea.
After lunch Charlotte spent ages climbing up the hay bales, riding on the toy tractors and then going back to give the goats a bit more feed, before finishing off in the indoor play area.
Really fun day and comparable in price to other local activity farms (but a bit cheeky charging more for the tractor ride we though), its wise to get there in time for the feeding sessions (check their website for times) as if you miss one of these there isn't much else to do.

Saturday 16 July 2011

Paultons Park and Peppa Pig World, Hampshire

We have a big peppa pig fan in our house, as do most pre-school house holds I'm sure, so when we heard about Peppa Pig World opening we knew we had to go. Charlotte was even doing a count down to visiting... how many sleeps till peppa pig... she was that excited.
When we got there though she seemed to forget all about Peppa Pig and headed straight for the big rides, most rides she had to go on with an adult but a few she happily managed alone. Her real highlight was when we spotted the t-rex next to the astroglide and realised that JollyWobbles (Justin Fletcher) was filmed at Paultons. We then had to hunt out, and go on all the rides Justin had been on (she is also a big Justin fan).
Eventually we made it to Peppa Pig World. It was very busy and 3 year olds aren't well known for lasting long in a queue so we didn't go on too many rides. Did spend a lot of time jumping in muddy puddles and in Mr Potato's playground. The whole area was excellent, really well thought out and so were the rides, the theme worked brilliantly. We loved going into Peppa Pig's house and also meeting the "real" Peppa and George. Compared to the rest of the park the rides were a little tame, I do realise it's for young people but she did prefer some of the bigger rides, much to our surprise.
I see why people can easily go for 2 days at Paultons Park, we didn't see all of it and we were there almost the whole day.
Aside from buying ice creams we didn't eat at Paultons, took a picnic with us so can't comment on food. Entrance price, well Charlotte is petite and still under 1m, but if she was over its just one price for all, which I think is a bit steep, but if you compare to say Legoland its good value.
Only downside were some of the toilet blocks could have done with sprucing up, liked that all the toilets had an adult and child seat though.
If you go and its a nice day make sure you take swimming costumes and towels for muddy puddles and water kingdom.