Wednesday 21 September 2011

Montacute TV, Radio and Toy Museum, Montacute, Somerset

This was the most bizarre museum we stumbled across whilst on holiday, and there was easily something entertaining for people of all ages.
We were really hungry when we arrived so visited the tea rooms before the museum, really excellent food, the cakes looked so good we could have eaten them all. We happily played whats that tune for a while as they had old tv programme music playing (I got silenced by hubby for singing jim'll fix it). Once fully stuffed we went round the museum, it's described as "nostalgic experiences of TV programmes through the years" in their leaflet and it really is. There is a vast collection of old tvs and radios (my brother and I saying we remember that, I'm sure Grandma still has that) then onto memorabilia of old tv programmes, toys and games. There was a new sci-fi exhibition showing whilst we visited Star Trek, Dr Who and Thunderbirds. The museum covers everything, old westerns, magazines, spice girls dolls, neighbours boardgame (I had that), mr T mug (brother had that), Alice in Wonderland, blue peter annuals... I could go on but would never be able to cover everything. If you are ever in somerset this is a must see.
The space is a little cramped but you could get a stroller around the museum.