Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Farmer Gow's, Longcot, Oxfordshire

We had a really lovely time at Farmer Gow's and had to almost drag Charlotte home as she didn't want to leave. We arrived just as the tractor ride was about to leave so a quick run across the sheds and field and before we got a chance to get our bearings we were off to feed the pigs. The tractor ride would be a little short (we cir cum navigated a field) if it wasn't for the pig stop and chat. As we pulled back to the sheds it was just time for the feeding session.
This was really well organised with really friendly staff on hand. Bit of an odd reversal of children sitting down well behaved and sheep/goats being let out to the masses for a feed. Lots of squealing by Charlotte as sheep and goats come up for their feed. The children were then taken out to collect the eggs from the hen house.
Soon it was lunch time, we had taken a picnic as it was a lovely day and there was plenty of indoor or outdoor seating for picnics. There is a cafe on site for those who need a coffee or don't fancy the picnic idea.
After lunch Charlotte spent ages climbing up the hay bales, riding on the toy tractors and then going back to give the goats a bit more feed, before finishing off in the indoor play area.
Really fun day and comparable in price to other local activity farms (but a bit cheeky charging more for the tractor ride we though), its wise to get there in time for the feeding sessions (check their website for times) as if you miss one of these there isn't much else to do.

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