Friday 29 January 2010

Neptune Woods, Northmoor Trust, Long Wittenham, Oxfordshire

Approx time: 45mins
Paths: mud and gravel paths
Points of interest: open areas, trees, wildlife, birds, scenery
Amenities: car park, no toilets
Grading: any pushchair, designed for wheelchair access
Weather: Good for all seasons
Neptune Woods was planted in 2006 by local children. The woods are to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar (Neptune being one of the ships) with each tree representing a crew member. There are various types of trees all of which would have been used to build boats at the time. There are boards around the walk with more information.
The walk goes in a figure of 8, so for tired little legs you don’t have to go far. There is a bench at the half way point for a breather. There is a small pond and stream along the walk.
There are Willow tunnels and shapes beside the car park (as of 2009/2010) which are good for kids to run around.

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  1. We're from Oxfordshire originally and will be returning in April. The thing that i am most looking forward to doing is some really good walks. This one looks ideal, and I'm going to be mining your site for more Oxfordshire walks to dream about until later this year.


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