Thursday, 8 March 2012

White Horse Hill to Wayland Smithy, Uffington, Oxfordshire

Approx time: 2 hour
Paths: gravel
Points of interest: trees, fields, wildlife, tomb, white horse
Amenities: pay and display parking (ice cream van most weekends)
Grading: bumpy underfoot so all terrain buggy
Weather: all seasons
(click map for larger size)

This was a long walk, and at just 4 I'm surprised Charlotte's little legs kept her going but I think the promise of an ice cream at the end worked its magic. It was mostly flat as we were walking away from the white horse hill and  along an open bridleway meant it was quite accessible to everyone. The path is a lot better than some years ago as vehicles are now prohibited on the ridgeway.

There is one kissing gate on the entrance to Wayland Smithy that pushchairs might struggle with.
We parked at the National Trust white horse hill car park and walked back to the road and continued up the road until you come to the bridleway. Turn right onto the bridleway and follow the path for about 1km until you reach Wayland Smithy.

We followed the same route home. The car park has picnic tables where you can sit and enjoy the lovely view across Uffington and the Vale of the White Horse.

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