Sunday, 5 August 2012

Oxford Playhouse Play Out Tent - Bath Time

We have just got home from the really excellent Bath Time show from the Oxford Playhouse Play Out Tent at Millets Farm, Frilford. There are 2 showings a day, 12 & 2 or 12 & 3 (each day seems to vary) and in between shows lots of activities to do like colouring, dressing up and reading.

The play was so good and had adults and children laughing, clapping, singing the whole way through. I won't spoil any of it for you but I expect in our bath tonight Charlotte will be using the shower as a microphone, making a beard pretending to be Grandad, renaming her duck Ernie and wanting 20 more of them. So long as she doesn't attempt to fix the taps we should be ok!
This is a great way to get young children to experience a theatre production without going to a theatre, and it was all free.
The Play Out Tent is touring Oxfordshire over the next week. It will be back at Millets Farm tomorrow and then moving on. Check out the Playhouse website for where next (Kidlington 8 August and Wilderness Festival 10-12 August).


  1. Hiya I fount you over at BYOB. Great blog, gutted I didn't find you sooner Glad you enjoyed yourselves. I have followed you on Google and Twitter. Jade - Unique Mummy Blog ( x

    1. Glad you did finally find us, thank you for the follow will follow back


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