Wednesday 16 January 2013

Cotswold Wildlife Park, Burford, Oxfordshire

Cotswold Wildlife Park opened in the 1970's so @Readitdaddy and I have been going since we were little, we loved it then and still do now we can take Charlotte. The last few times we have been is on trips with nursery and was so much fun going with a little gaggle of 3 and 4 year old's but now Charlotte is at school age we went as a family.

Why we chose to go on a freezing cold January day I'm not quite sure, but thankfully there are a few indoors places to warm up (or hide from the rain). Considering the cold weather there were a lot of animals still out and about, and when they are all huddled in a group to keep warm they look extra cute. There were even some recent baby additions to ahh at (maybe not the crocodiles but the marmosets were).

Madagascar walk through
Some parts of the park haven't changed since I was little, but the recent changes are excellent. We love the Madagascar walk through area and the new giraffe house where you enter on a raised platform making you as high as the giraffe, you can look them right in the eye. There was another raised walkway taking you above the wolves, so you get a great view of them. Talking about little red riding hood at that point in time might not have been sensible. A lot of thought has been put into these new areas, and all areas are completely accessible for buggies and wheelchairs.
The shop has just had a refit and the restaurant is currently being refitted (January 2013).

Wolves from raised walkway
One of our favourite areas is the Children's farm/petting area. You can get into the little goat enclosure and pet them. Alongside are some pigs, sheep, larger goats, rabbits and guinea pigs. I'm reliably told by Charlotte that she will have 2 rabbits and 6 guinea pigs as they are so cute (once she has left home obviously).

Children's Farmyard with very well mannered goats
There is such a variety of animals, a manor house in the centre and wonderful grounds and gardens. And as with every best zoo or animal park there is a lovely little train ride (not included in entrance fee, and costs £1 per person extra).

Red Pandas
This is a real family friendly animal park that we will happily return to for years to come.

The park has a great little app too, along with directions and a map of the park there is a game to play and facts about the animals. Download from itunes


  1. We're often in the Cotswolds but it's been ages since I've been to the wildlife park. Will have to check it out again soon.

    1. Thank you for visiting and commenting. They have made lots of changes in the last few years so please do go visit again.

  2. thanks for share...


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