Friday 10 May 2013

One Cold Drink, Squeezed Not Stirred

I remember wanting a Mr Frosty when I was little, having a nice cold turn your tongue blue drink on a hot day. But the wow that followed seeing a Mr Frosty appear soon dissipated when your slushy wasn't as you expected.

Roll on 20 years and Charlotte was coming out with the wows over a slushy she had just made that out performs the Mr Frosty 10 fold.

So pretending the sun hasn't gone in and that its hot and sunny outside we try out our Chill Factor slushy maker. Out of the freezer it comes and we pour in some orange juice for its first outing. It took about a child size cup of drink. Charlotte started squeezing but not much was happening, so I took over.

giving the cup a squeeze
Good few squeezes later and it was starting to turn slushy, frozen clumps were sticking to the sides, bit more and it was done. For added effect (and more wows) I poured it out into her cup with the help of the spoon/straw provided. This was a little tricky because the cup had come unscrewed and the shape of the frozen sleeve. On our second attempt the cup didn't come unscrewed just make sure you tighten well.

one slushy ready for drinking
The spoon/straw is a great idea, it means you can't pierce the frozen sleeve with something sharp, but the straw won't go all the way to the bottom. Think this is our only minor niggle and reason why I prefer to pour it into a cup.

All parts separated
The Chill Factor Cup is a quick way to do a nice cold drink after the kids have been out playing on a hot day.  Its also small enough to pack if your maybe doing a self catering stay-cation and know you will have a freezer. Once a drink is made up it would probably last a good while in the cup with the cool sides keeping it frozen. We also found if you scoop your slushy into a cup you can make another drink straight after, so with one cup you could get a couple of drinks.

it's turning slushy
We struggle to get fluids into Charlotte some days as she doesn't seem to want to drink, but she loves this idea so now we are now wondering what drinks to do next. Water, squash, juice, smoothies, frozen milkshake, frozen yoghurt drink. Or how about one for the adults, nice chilled cocktail once the kids are in bed and hubby was wondering how to do a chilled coffee. The ideas are endless.

The Chill Factor retails for £12.99 and is available from Character Options. It will also be available from all good retailers soon (already spotted in our local toy shop), or if you're going to Mums Show Live or BBC Good Food show look out for the stand.

I received this item for review but opinions are my own

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