Thursday 15 August 2013

Wittenham Clumps to Days lock, Oxfordshire

This is a lovely walk round the base of Wittenham Clumps where people don't often walk heading down towards Days Lock which is famous for Pooh Sticks and then back up to the top of the clumps.

Approx time: 1-2 hour
Paths:  grass and mud
Points of interest: wildlife, river
Amenities: car park at Wittenham Clumps
Grading: possible with all terrain buggy but hard work going up the hill
Weather: all seasons  (except after heavy rain)

map of the area, following the red line
Starting at the Wittenham Clumps car park take the small gate to the left before heading up the hill, currently its all very over grown looking.

the footpath from the car park
This footpath is quite flat and takes you around the base of the clumps, we spotted quite a lot of wildlife (or signs of) and also lots of blackberries ready to pick. After a short time the footpath will widen out.

clear open space
 You will eventually come to a gate and into a wooded area. This is where they hold the Earth Trust birthday parties so we came across a lot of dens almost the trees and we had a great time building some more dens and improving others.

checking out the dens
 At the end of the wood you will get to another gate and come out the other side of the hill. Turn left after the gate heading down the hill towards the church. At the Church turn right and you will cross a couple of bridges and days lock. This is where they play the famous game of pooh sticks every year, and we had a couple of goes ourselves.

days lock
When you are all pooh sticked out retrace your steps back to the base of the clumps, and if you are up for the walk head up the hill for wonderful views across Oxfordshire.

looking back towards Wittenham Clumps
 There is a bench right at the top to rest any weary legs.

view down towards days lock
 Circle round the top of the hill and then back down the other side to the car park.

Wittenham Clumps and Pooh Sticks at Days Lock both feature on the oxtrails app.
If you are ticking off your 50 things before 11 3/4 then den building, climbing a big hill, fly a kite, play pooh sicks, pick blackberries, eat an apple from a tree, make a trail with sticks, hunt for bugs, catch a falling leaf can all be done on this walk. I do not advise rolling down a big hill due to cows and sheep grazing!

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  1. The pics look wonderful, this is a walk we are going to have to try.


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