Monday 21 March 2011

Off topic rant

Ok this is not walk related but really wanted to have a rant.
At the weekend I took my little girl to see Thomas and Friends Live on Stage at our local theatre. This was her first theatre experience, thinking she is now old enough to sit still long enough, understand what is going on and do the actions. I was a bit more concerned about a theatre full of annoying children running amok, I was expecting to come away with a very sore head. It wasn't the children I should have been worried about its the parents.
What spoiled the experience for me was parents trying to video the show. Every time a parents camera/phone appeared an usher would then come along and tell them off. This was really distracting and often blocked view of the stage, and it didn't happen just once, it was a number of occasions and often the same parents being told off time and again.
Do we now live in a society that people are so obsessed with youtube they have to ruin other peoples enjoyment of something to be the first to post their video.
Was Thomas Live good though, yes we both really enjoyed it. It was very expensive but I think going to the theatre to see a show is a great experience for a child and gives them lots of things to talk and think about, better than watching a poorly shot/heads in the way/people talking over the top video on youtube!!!

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