Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Cotswold Farm Park, Gloucestershire

In a slight change to my blog I'm also going to cover family days outs, a mention of any places we go that we enjoy, or don't.
First up is Cotswold Farm Park, which has been re-branded this year as Adam Henson's Cotswold Farm Park, Adam Henson being one of the presenters on BBC1 Country File. This may either make you go yeah I want to go, or oh dear, but please don't be put off as it's an excellent day.
It was a very cold and blowy April day we went and the wind really does pick up on the top of the hill there, but there was quite a lot of indoor stuff making it an all weather attraction. The joys of spring was in the air with the baby lambs, and the chance to feed them really won a certain little girl over. I've never seen a bottle of milk disappear so quickly. Then being given the chance to cuddle a rabbit followed by a tiny chick, she couldn't tell you which was the best as shes still so excited, but loved how soft they are.
Also went on a tractor ride, or farm safari as they call it. The ride bit though bumpy was good but the commentary (by Adam) was poor as we couldn't make a lot of it out above the tractor noise, but what we could hear was really interesting. Other farms we have visited the tractor stops in each field for the commentary which would have made more sense here.

If you know anything about rare breeds there are quite an assortment here, very large fields for the animals to roam and some playful goats will come over to the fence for a bit of fuss. There is the usual animal feed you can buy and the sheep will come and nibble from your hand.
For those tiring of the animals there is lots of play equipment dotted around, sand pit (with buckets and spades provided, very handy) a woodland nature/agility trail and a maze.
There is a cafe there and also drink/ice cream kiosks dotted around. We ate in the cafe and the food was very nice, and a good slice of real ham in the kiddie box sandwich. Bit disappointed you can't select what crisps/drink/cake/fruit etc you want in your kiddie lunch box though.
Next to the farm park there is a campsite, which I know a friend of mine intends to visit this year.
A really enjoyable, but cold day, was had by all.

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