Monday, 11 April 2011

The Living Rainforest, Newbury

If you have been to the Eden Project in Cornwall and loved it you may initially be slightly disappointed at The Living Rainforest but don't be put off. Eden Project is on a huge scale and The Living Rainforest is a lot smaller and more personal.
The Living Rainforest is a good place to go on cold or miserable days, its warm inside the 2 large greenhouses and there is a nice cafe adjoining it with a play park for letting off steam. The best time to visit would probably be the summer though, with the butterflies, waterlilies and flowers in full bloom but on hot days could get too warm for some.
There's lots to keep little ones amused, scuttling from one area to the next. A pond to look in, some monkeys, snakes, birds flying around (and more but won't spoil it for you). Fact sheets and to do sheets are provided suitable to the child's age. Another bonus is pay once and you get free admission for the year so go back as many times as you like. All areas are pushchair friendly too so suitable for younger and older children.
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