Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The Oxfordshire Museum, Woodstock, Oxfordshire

This museum is excellent for young and old, and for any kids who love dinosaurs. We have been a few times and the displays often change so you're sure to see something different each time. They also have a changing exhibition which is currently "Revealed: The Underwear Revolution" any Gok Wan fans must attend (he even gets a few mentions) or those who love period costumes.
Charlotte is a little too young to appreciate hold you in pants... but there were some dressing up clothes so that's always a hit.
There is a new interactive dinosaur gallery, Charlotte is actually quite scared of dinosaurs so almost ran out screaming, especially when mummy fed the dinosaur! but to dress up as a dinosaur with a tail... that was impressive and then it was her turn to scare the little girl who came in the room after us, oops.
The other rooms are about the history of Oxfordshire and its really hands on for kids with computers, displays, drawers they can open and things they can touch.
There is a great cafe, but its very small. If the weather is good though you can go sit in the lovely gardens with your coffee and cake (or dinosaur lunch box).
Access for buggies, there are lots of stairs and no lift, just a wheelchair stair lift so best suited to mobile toddlers. Found out more about the museum here.

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