Tuesday 26 November 2013

Bucklebury Farm Park, Bucklebury, Berkshire

This is a fantastic farm park that a friend recommended we visit. We had never heard of or seen the place advertised before considering its not far from us.

It wasn't too hard to find, there were no brown signs until you are on-top of the farm but Bucklebury is well signposted. There is a large car park and nice walk to the entrance, passing a stream, chickens and sheep along the way. The indoor areas all looked new with benches for packed lunches, and a play area at the end. Next door was a lovely new cafe and new (but basic) toilets beside that.

slides and soft play
 Outdoor hand washing facilities were really good, and we liked the pictures of how to wash your hands properly on the indoor toilet, would like to see them outside too. Lots of antibacterial stops provided along the way too.

We picked up a couple of bags of animal feed, and headed straight to the petting area. We returned a few times to check up on crunchie and badger, charlottes favourite hamster and rabbit during the day as they were so lovely. There was a really helpful member of staff on hand to assist and answer any questions.

Staff also warned us to look out for the escaping goat. We did a wonderful circular walk taking in most of the animals and giving them all a feed. Donkeys, deer, pigs, sheep, goats, alpacas, ponys, wild boar, guinea pig, rabbits and llamas. There were so many to see. We did find the escaped goat too - approach with caution!

goats and reindeer
 There was a woodland adventure area with dens and an agility course, an outdoor play area, inflatable pillow, trikes, go carts (readitdaddy and I didn't really race each other like 10 year olds!) and a zip wire.

outdoor play area
 There were 2 nature walks with markers pointing out interesting facts about the age of the trees, types of trees or the animals or birds who might feed in that area. There was an excellent look out (if slightly scary to climb) on one walk with a view across the valley and the deer.

nature walk
 The tractor ride was excellent, going out to feed the deer and the staff again were excellent and really knowledgable, happy to answer any questions. Charlotte got the chance to help collect eggs from the chicken shed, and again the staff were really great.

up close to Big Ron on the tractor ride
 We had lunch in the cafe, which was wonderfully warm on a cold wet day. The food was really nice some really yummy bread with my soup. But I did find woody/stalky type bits in my soup, I brought this up with the lady clearing the tables and she said I'll be back... but didn't return! The cakes were excellent though which compensated a bit.

feeding sunny the deer
We had such an excellent day and were there for hours, we will definitely be going back. Even the cold wet November weather couldn't dampen what a great day we had. 

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