Sunday, 24 November 2013

Hill End Outdoor Education Centre, Oxfordshire

A trip to Hill End brought back many memories of school trips and guide camps for readitdaddy and I (obviously not guide camps for readitdaddy, unless there is something hes not telling me!).

Spotting on twitter that they were having a craft fair and also forest trail we couldn't wait to go along and take Charlotte.
Following the footpath round the site brought back so many memories. We love the big hill end sign that welcomes you from across the field as you arrive.

spot the hill end sign and domes in the distance
 We had a good look round the craft stalls and brought a couple of christmas presents. Then went for an explore around the site having a peek at the accommodation blocks and trying to remember which ones we stayed in. The new dome buildings were made a few years ago to prove that unskilled workers could build houses. A fantastic idea and wish one was open to have a look inside.

lovely afternoon light through the trees
 After having a climb on the play areas we marched up to the top of the hill, trying to avoid the rather speedy cows, to have a look at the fairy ring and the wonderful views.

top of the hill
 We walked back down the hill to grap a yummy cake. Sadly it was the end of the day (we arrived a bit late) so we didn't think we would have time to complete the forest trail, so did a little detour on the way out and explored the water conservation garden then to look at the willow sculptures and Charlotte and readitdaddy getting lost in the willow maze.

willow sea serpent!
 We had a quick look at the agility trail and completely failed in our attempt to get through the spider web and then it really was time to leave.

we did spot a couple of jokes along the way
 We had a fab hour exploring and remembering how much fun we had there when we were little and Charlotte now can't wait for her turn to come in a few years time when school goes to visit.

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  1. How fab to re-visit a place from your childhood that holds so many great memories. It's a lovely place to explore and a great site for children to have adventures. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.


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