Saturday 10 January 2015

Ardington Planets, Ardington, Wantage, Oxfordshire

This is a lovely village walk that can be made as long or as short as you like that also involves a little bit of physics fun.

Approx time: 1 hour
Paths: grass, mud and open roads
Points of interest: planets, standing stones, stream, pond, sundial
Amenities: off road parking in the village and local pub and tea rooms
Grading: all terrain or pushchair on a dry summer day as one slope
Weather: all seasons

route map (please click for larger image)
We last did this walk on a wet spring day as part of arts week, we have now gone back on a cold wet winter day and enjoyed it just as much.
We often park across the road from the Loyd Lindsay rooms. From here we walk a bit further along High Street and turn left at the war memorial and seat.
memorial seat
Carry along Well Street with the church on your left hand site. This is a lovely village church where we have stopped and looked at some of the very unusual graves. At the last house on your right there is a field with a footpath running through. Take this route (There is a sign saying that the field will be closed on the 25 December) across the field and see if you can find some ducks to feed at the pond on the way. We only managed to feed some very well fed fish instead!

well fed fish pond
 As the field ends and joins another there is a turn to your right crossing a stream (it was shallow enough to paddle with our wellies on) which leads to a row of old barns and if you look into one of them an old mill wheel.

mill and stream
 Pass through the row of houses and at school road turn left, cross over and a but further up is Ardington Woods.
Just so we don't forget where we are
There is a circular walk around the woods, starting from the stone in the middle of the row of trees.

description of the millennium sundial and planetary model
 This stone will explain the standing stones (a sun dial) and also the solar system that you will find as you head up the hill.
sundial stone
 Children will love running from planet to planet and hiding behind the stones. Each plant has its name and also size along with a few other details. Behind one of the sundial stone's is also a chart to help you tell the time.
the sun with planets around
 Carry on to your right again another clearing the woods, carry on through, another right and right again and you will soon be back were the woods started.

sun setting over the Chilton's
 Take a left onto School Road and you will soon be back at the car. We often head beyond the car to the play park as an end of walk treat. There is a village shop and tea room along the way if you go during the week or on a Saturday.
 I would love to know the history of why this position was chosen for a sun dial and solar system, I am guessing its because of the local science parks but can not find any details.

Little Pluto

I'm joining in with Country Kids

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  1. what a lovely day out - partic like the sundial and planets - my kids would enjoy this. x

  2. This looks like a great walk to do with post-toddler kids - plenty to look at and do along the way. I loved this sort of thing as a child #CountryKids

  3. Looks lovely! We stayed in a National Trust property a few years ago, somewhere in Oxfordshire and the walks were just beautiful! :) #countrykids.

  4. This looks like a really interesting walk for you all, with lots of learning opportunities dotted around it. The sundial and planets look like a great way to get some hands on learning that the kids wouldn't even realise was learning. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

  5. What an interesting place. So many activities that kids can do! Would love to visit this =) #countrykids

  6. That looks like an interesting walk, can't be a million miles from us either - will have to get the atlas out #CountryKids


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