Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Mountain Warehouse keeping kids warm outside this winter

We have had some really up and down weather so far this winter. We got our winter gear and then it went mild, but thankfully by the time the temperatures fell at Christmas we were ready for them.

When we received our Mountain Warehouse catalogue I think Charlotte said want, want, want to just about everything in it. Those very kind people sent us a really fluffy arctic softshell jacket, an owl hat that has made all her friends jealous and some winter walking boots. Every item got a big thumbs up from both of us.
fully kitted out
The hat has a nice fleecy lining, the cute owl ears and long tassels that all girls want at the moment. It said one size fits all, she is 6 nearly 7 and it is very stretchy so it would go up and down of this age.

The arctic softshell jacket is so soft and fluffy inside, really seems to keep her toasty warm. It's got a really lovely print, not too much pink but still girlie enough for her. I brought a size 7-8 and fits her well and should last next winter as well. There is inside and outside pockets (extra leaf and twig storage), the zip goes up really high so not cold around the neck and has a fluffy chin guard. The fluffy layer goes behind the zip so no cold air blowing through there. Not been out in any good rain with it but the odd light shower and it was no problem. The cold winds at the weekend, she said she was plenty warm enough.
very fluffy warm coat
We have put the kids chill winter waterproof boots to the full test (except no snow test). These are more winter walking boots than snow boots I would think. They have an isotherm layer so keep your feet toasty from 7 to -5c I think it was. They are seriously grippy with some great tread on the bottom, the velcro fittings are a godsend compared to having to tie laces on her old boots and they are great at fitting to her slim ankles. They come up quite high with plenty of support.  She is a 12half fitting and went for the 13 with walking socks and plenty comfortable and warm. No complaints from her. She has covered them in mud from day one and even with her slight turned in foot walk not worn or scuffed the fabric on the outside yet.
first muddy trip out

I wouldn't say they are fully waterproof due to getting rather wet whilst unsuccessfully building stone towers on the beach to avoid the waves (in 2c temperatures). They were slightly damp at the end inside but she never noticed. I'm sure if I waterproof sprayed them they will be back to normal and they had got damp before this with no problems.
stone towers on the beach

A lot of the clothes above are now available in the Mountain Warehouse Sale if you are wanting a few warmer layers for this winter, or thinking ahead and buying for next, they get a big thumbs up from us.
Thank you

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